We Keep Paddling for Each and Every Christopher's Haven Child....

Our mission is simple. Help support Christopher's Haven's mission to make a tangible difference in the day-to-day lives of children and the families who bring them to the Massachusetts General Hospital for cancer treatment by providing comfortable, affordable housing and a supportive community.

Kids from around the country and world come to MGH for the very specialized treatment available. A supportive comfortable place for families just steps from treatment can make all the difference to the kids and their families.

Our focus has been to build a community of standup paddlers through the creation of a series of events. The range of events allows for paddlers at all levels to participate. We have everything from local first time paddlers to sponsored pros flying in to participate. From fun cruises to serious races, and long distance challenges. The larger the community the more helpful it can be to the kids. While there is a very serious reason for what we do we also want to build the community with a focus on having fun. We enjoy parties and they've quickly become a big part of the CCBC events experience.

If you're new to the sport this is a great place to get to know others with a similar passion. It provides a fun challenging environment for learning and opportunities to try lots of boards.

We welcome you to join us for fun times with good people to benefit a great cause.